Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I am hosting a giveaway on my facebook page. The easiest way to find it is to search facebook for "Buntings by Lori". The info for the giveaway is posted there. Check it out!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Projects!

As the school year wound down, I attempted to get through a few projects. Now that school is out I am finding myself with lots more craft time...well...I am teaching 1/2 days at summer school...but I'm still getting lots more checked off the to-do list.

In February I bought some new software to go along with my embroidery machine. It has given me the ability to be way more creative with my designs. This is one of the first designs I did with the software. I'm pretty thrilled with the way it turned out.

My oldest son's teacher is expecting a baby this summer. I decided to try this new applique design on the burp cloth for her baby. This applique design had something like 17 steps! But the outcome was totally worth it!

I've been keeping an eye out for cute pillowcases at Goodwill. I have a decent collection now, and finally decided to be brave and make one into a pillowcase dress. So I guess you can say this is a one of a kind designer's original!! LOL

This dress was made from another one of my Goodwill finds. The fabric was a pale yellow gingham, so I brightened it up with some pink paisely fabric.

No...I didn't find this one at Goodwill. Isn't this fabric adorable? I think I'm addicted to making pillowcase dresses!

These dresses are quite versatile! Even when they get a little too short, they can grow with your little girl by putting a pair of shorts, capris, or jeans under them! They can be worn year round too. Summer--wear as a dress. Fall--wear with a t-shirt under it and a pair of leggings. Winter--wear with a turtle neck under it and a pair of jeans. Spring--wear with a pair of capris.

This is one of my favorite burp cloth designs so far. It's so sweet and girly!

The summer has only begun! I cannot wait to keep checking items off that (LONG) to-do list! That's my crafting to-do list...not the housework to-do list!