Friday, July 30, 2010

Toy Drop

Today is our last day of vacation. We decided to do our toy drop at the Castillo de san Marco in St. Augustine. We left the stuffed polka dotted elephant next to a cannon in one of the rooms at the fort. The kids and I walked to the other side of the fort and watched casually to see if anyone would pick it up. When the rest of our group was leaving, the toy was still there:( I explained to the boys that it would just add to the mystery if we didn't actually SEE the elephant being picked up. We will be sad to say goodbye to St. Augustine tomorrow morning, but have lots of great memories to take back home with us.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


So I really need to be packing for vacation. It's not easy packing for 5. And we're going to be gone for a week, so it's not like I can just throw stuff in a bag and go. At lease I've been productive in my procrastination. I made a Christmas apron (trying to plan ahead) and a really cute cupcake apron.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Recent Craft Projects

Since I'm participating in the Hot Mama's in Wonderland apron swap, I thought maybe it would be a good idea to post a few of the aprons and other projects I've made recently. I'm kinda new to this blogging thing, so the layout of the pictures is a little messy...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ready For My First Toy Drop!

We will be participating in our first toy drop for the Toy Society while on vacation. Here's Mr. Elephant.

Flash Flood of Creativity...

So I signed up to participate in an apron swap with an Alice in Wonderland theme. This is my first swap, and I am so excited to get in on the fun. Today I received my secret swap info and now I am DYING to get started. My brain is on overdrive thinking of things I'd like to do. I have been anxiously awaiting this information, but realize that at some point I must focus on packing for our vacation. Our departure is a few short days away, and I have NOTHING packed (and those who know me find this completely shocking). So now I must decide...start packing/preparing for vacation...or make a trip to the fabric store...

Friday, July 16, 2010


Our vacation is getting so close I can taste it! I'm completely overwhelmed at the thought of my massive to-do list... The kids are counting down. Blue is ready for a break.

I guess I'll just have to pass the time by sewing more aprons:)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tomorrow's a big day!

Gavin has decided to be baptized at church tomorrow. I have had those butterflies of anticipation all day. Those who know Gavin know that he's very literal. He acts based on reasoning most of the time. His journey to the decision to be baptized has been very exciting. It all started with a study he did during AWANA this year. He studied the story of Phillip and the Eunuch. That story opened a great dialog between Gavin and I about what baptizm is and what it's all about. The verses that he's learned at AWANA have sparked many questions. He also went to church camp which allowed him to have a week of fun (and a break from parents) while being surrounded by opportunities to learn about God's Word. The biggest moment, though, was around the table at my mom's house. A conversation we were having prompted Gavin to ask more questions. My sister, Amanda, teaches 5th grade, so she did a great job of talking with Gavin. Yesterday we met with the children's minister at church. Just listening to Gavin explain what was on his heart was moving. Despite his special needs, he has an understanding of things that is amazing. I am so blessed to be his mom (we don't like the word "step" around here). I'm one proud momma.

And now I must get to work. My house is still messy and company is on the way in the morning!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Asher's first visit to the zoo

Well, welcome to my first blog. I'm not sure who would want to read about the goings-on of a typical family, but I've decided it's time to join the blogging world.

We finally took Asher to the zoo for the first time! It seems crazy that he had to wait until he was 14 months old when we live so close to a great zoo. Trips to the zoo just weren't high on my list of things to do last summer, since he was so little and I was adjusting to life with 3 kiddos. Ok, back to today... We had a great time despite the heat. Although the focus of this trip was Asher's first zoo visit, Isaac was so entertaining (surprise). It has been a long time since he has been to the STL zoo and I guess now he's old enough to really appreciate the animals. Every time we saw another animal he had a great reaction...HEY! Look at those tigers! WOW! I see lions! It was so much fun to watch. Gavin, with his vast animal knowledge, was a terriffic zoo guide. He always had extra facts to add to the facts next to each animal cage.

After we got home from our exciting day, I spent the afternoon working on a new apron pattern. I am looking forward to getting my sewing maching back so I can return my mom's.