Friday, July 9, 2010

Asher's first visit to the zoo

Well, welcome to my first blog. I'm not sure who would want to read about the goings-on of a typical family, but I've decided it's time to join the blogging world.

We finally took Asher to the zoo for the first time! It seems crazy that he had to wait until he was 14 months old when we live so close to a great zoo. Trips to the zoo just weren't high on my list of things to do last summer, since he was so little and I was adjusting to life with 3 kiddos. Ok, back to today... We had a great time despite the heat. Although the focus of this trip was Asher's first zoo visit, Isaac was so entertaining (surprise). It has been a long time since he has been to the STL zoo and I guess now he's old enough to really appreciate the animals. Every time we saw another animal he had a great reaction...HEY! Look at those tigers! WOW! I see lions! It was so much fun to watch. Gavin, with his vast animal knowledge, was a terriffic zoo guide. He always had extra facts to add to the facts next to each animal cage.

After we got home from our exciting day, I spent the afternoon working on a new apron pattern. I am looking forward to getting my sewing maching back so I can return my mom's.

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