Saturday, August 14, 2010

97 cent patterns?!

Hancocks had 97 cent Butterick patterns today! I cannot pass those sales up. So, since my pattern box was lacking in apron patterns (HA!) I found 4 more to add to the mix, as well as 2 handbag patterns, and 1 reusable shopping bag patterns. Now which one will I try first?


  1. Patterns are inspiring! I found a tutorial for the apron pattern you have.

    Dilly says Hi

  2. Thanks! Hello back to Dilly:) I have actually been reading along with her tutorial, but haven't actually DONE any of the work yet. Thanks for the info, though!

  3. Oh what lovely finds! Butterick not only has such wonderful designs for you, but they use gorgeous fabrics as well. I would snag them all if they were that cheap!